The case for (almost) no homework ever

Learn about Primer Microschools curriculum and why we have almost no homework, ever.

May 23, 2024

Homework might be one of the most controversial topics in all of education. Now, more than ever, kids come home with hours of work to do, their backpacks are heavy, and their brains are tired from a long day of school. Kids get so much homework…but why?

Homework is supposed to help kids learn. At Primer, we take a different approach. Our homework policy is (almost) no homework ever. Primer kids only take home extra work if it supports their learning. That means they only take home extra work if they either want or need a little more practice at home. Here is a little more about our homework philosophy.

1. Making the school day count

We know that forcing our students into a homework grind is not productive for our kids. Instead, we focus on making the school day count. We channel our energy into crafting meaningful, engaging, and constructive in-class activities that build upon what they've learned during the school day, leaving no need for homework after school. More than that, in traditional schooling homework is often a tool to help kids become independent learners because they don’t get to flex that muscle. At Primer, students build their independent learning skills every single day.

2. A collaborative approach

Collaboration is the name of the game at Primer – not just between students, but also between parents and our Microschool Leaders. If there's a need for extra practice at home, parents and Leaders have a conversation together to decide what is best for their kids. Otherwise, students take home no homework.

3. Quality over quantity

If a student ever needs or wants extra work, the work will be intentional. Forget about endless worksheets or mindless busy work – instead, it’s all about activities that contribute meaningfully to a child's overall growth.

Homework-free evenings to support healthy development

Our homework policy is rooted in the belief that students deserve evenings free from the stress of excessive assignments, so they are free to explore interests, rest, and spend quality time with their communities. Our Primer kids are so accomplished, and use this time after school to be the best versions of themselves.

Fostering a love for learning

By reducing homework, there's more room for students to explore and enjoy learning organically. Whether it's reading, pursuing new hobbies, or simply relaxing, the aim is to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning, unhindered by the traditional pressures of homework.

We believe in the power of no homework to transform the learning experience, making education a journey that is fun and full of discovery.

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