Project-Based Learning at Primer Microschools

Students at Primer Microschools have time every day to explore their passions. Meet 3 Primer kids and see how they’re diving deep into their passions, from coding video games to building LED glasses.

June 28, 2024

Imagine a school where students build robots, create their own businesses, and have time every afternoon to dive deep on their passions.

At Primer Microschools, our students have time every afternoon to explore anything and everything they’re passionate about. We believe that every student can achieve great things when given the agency and opportunity to explore. At Primer, our students have done everything from…

Create and Code Video Games

Meet Jasani.

Jasani spent five weeks learning the fundamentals of coding. His dedication and curiosity led him to create an impressive video game, a project he proudly shared with his peers and teachers. Jasani's journey highlights how our innovative curriculum supports students in developing valuable technical skills, fostering a deeper understanding of technology, and sparking a lifelong interest in STEM fields.

Curate Their Own Artistic Styles

Meet Lucia.

Lucia loves everything from painting, making comic books, writing short stories, to jewelry making. At our Miami Health District Microschool, Lucia took a course with her Microschool Leader, Julieta, called Imagination Workshop. Through Imagination Workshop, Lucia has unlocked new levels of artistic expression. One of her favorite projects was a stunning painting that she completed during the course. Lucia’s story is a testament to how Primer nurtures artistic talents and encourages students to follow their creative instincts.

Build LED Glasses and Robots

Meet Santi.

Santi is a student with a keen interest in engineering and robotics. His pursuits have led him to create incredible projects, such as LED glasses that light up and change colors. But Santi didn't stop there; he went on to build a robotic hand during his last five weeks of the school year. These projects demonstrate Santi’s remarkable engineering skills and his ability to bring complex ideas to life. Primer’s supportive environment and resources empower students like Santi to push the boundaries of their creativity and technical expertise.

The Magic of Pursuits at Primer

Pursuits time at Primer Microschools is more than just an afternoon activity; it’s a magical period where students have the freedom to explore their interests deeply and work towards their personal goals. Primer students are provided with the time, support, and resources they need to turn their passions into tangible achievements. At Primer, the sky is the limit.

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