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May 23, 2024

Classroom safety is a paramount priority at Primer.

For many parents, the traditional school experience resembles a black box. The day begins with dropping off their child at the school gate, and beyond that point, there's a veil of uncertainty. Parents often find themselves in the dark about what their child is doing, learning, or expressing interest in during the school hours. This lack of transparency can be a source of concern, especially - and most importantly - when it comes to the safety of their children.

Karen Muston, a certified school counselor and member of the American School Counselor Association, wrote in her article on the well being of students:

“An unsafe learning environment—even if it is just a perception of being unsafe—can have a profound impact on a student's overall well-being and their ability to be successful in school. Students who do not feel safe at school—either emotionally or physically—are more distracted and less successful than their peers.”

The safety and well-being of our students are non negotiable.

We want to demystify safety protocols for Primer parents, ensuring they are not left in the dark. We want to cultivate a learning environment where parents are not only aware of their child's learning journey but also well-informed about their safety. Primer stands firm in its commitment to providing a haven for learning and growth. Join us as we tear down that veil of uncertainty and invite you to learn more about the steps we take to enhance safety.

1. Robust safety measures

Our policies are regularly reviewed, updated, and communicated to students, staff, and parents. Everyone involved knows their roles and responsibilities, ensuring a collective effort towards a secure environment.

  • Reporting emergencies: Emergency telephone numbers are prominently displayed with clear instructions for requesting emergency assistance during critical moments.
  • Fire safety: Responsibilities during fire alarms, evacuation plans, and recall signals are communicated with each Microschool.
  • Weather related emergencies: Pre-storm preparations and post-storm procedures for hurricanes ensure the safety of the school site. Protective actions during lightning storms are clearly defined, guiding staff and students on staying safe during adverse weather conditions.
  • Food-borne illnesses: Procedures for handling suspected food-borne illnesses are in place, involving immediate calls to emergency services, poison information centers, and health departments.
  • Active shooter or dangerous intruder scenarios: We have detailed lockdown procedures, communication strategies, and evacuation plans, ensuring a coordinated response to potential threats.

2. Controlled access and visitor management

We prioritize controlled access to our premises, employing secured entry systems and thorough visitor screening. All non-Primer personnel on-site have undergone background checks and vetting to ensure a secure environment for our students.

3. Staff training

Our faculty and staff undergo comprehensive training in emergency preparedness, crisis management, and the recognition of potential threats. This equips them with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively and swiftly to any security concerns.

4. Mental health support

Recognizing the importance of mental health, we have dedicated educators available to foster a safe and supportive environment. They are equipped to identify potential warning signs and provide intervention or referral services as needed.

5. Partnerships with local authorities

Open lines of communication and collaboration with local law enforcement agencies are maintained to establish a strong partnership. This ensures timely response and support in case of emergencies.

6. Active communication channels

Efficient channels of communication are established for students, parents, and staff to report security concerns or suspicious activities. An open and transparent communication culture helps address potential threats promptly.

7. Physical security measures

Physical security measures, including locked exterior doors, reinforced windows, and designated safe areas, are in place to enhance the overall physical security of our Microschool.

Primer’s promise

We ensure that parents step into a world where transparency is not just a promise, but a lived reality where safety and learning go hand in hand. The learning journey and safety protocols are not hidden behind closed doors; instead, they are open chapters for parents to read and engage with.

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