The Teacher-Student Relationship

Learn about the benefit of having the same teacher each year and the importance of the teacher-student relationship.

May 23, 2024

In every kid's journey, there's a teacher who stands out. The teacher who believes in them, sees their potential and challenges them to strive for more. I’m sure you have that teacher too. The impact educators have is profound, underscoring a critical, yet overlooked element in traditional education: effectively building knowledge relies on effectively building relationships.

Teacher and student relationships are so important. The latest cutting-edge research shows the remarkable impact that having the same teacher year after year can have on a student. As teachers get to know their kids, they are able to tailor their instruction better to the kids’ individual needs. Likewise, as students get to know their teachers, they are able to adapt to their unique teaching methods and classroom management style.

The process of sharing the same teacher year after year is called looping. There are so many benefits to looping, but our traditional school systems don’t practice it. They take this critical teacher and student relationship for granted. It is one of the many broken elements of the traditional system. If you want exceptional outcomes for students, they should stay with their teacher for many years at a time. Here is why:

Building trust and understanding in the classroom

Why is having the same teacher year after year so impactful? One key reason is the deepening of trust and understanding that develops over time. When teachers spend more than one year with their students, they learn all about each child's learning style, strengths, and challenges. This knowledge allows for more personalized learning and effective teaching strategies.

Impactful parent relationships with teachers

Parents are partners in their kids education, and having a strong relationship with a teacher year after year, makes parent partnership possible. The impact of consistent teacher and student relationships goes beyond academic success. Looping can lead to significant personal and emotional growth, creating lasting bonds between teachers, students, and families.

Fostering a sense of belonging leads to long-term benefits

Excellent classroom environments are essential to position students to do their best kind of learning. In systems where students stay with the same teacher for several years, like Microschools or other alternative educational models such as Montessori and Waldorf, the benefits can be even more present. Extended time with the same teacher fosters stable and supportive learning environments. These relationships can give students a sense of security and belonging, which are crucial for their overall well-being and development.

Improved student achievement

Recent research proves the major academic benefits of looping. A study recent study revealed that students who have the same teacher year after year, have significant academic improvements, including higher test scores, particularly in core academics - math and reading. Why? Strong teacher and student relationships take to develop. A teacher needs time to learn each individual kid's needs. Looping enables more effective, personalized learning, which leads to higher outcomes.

A new kind of school system

Traditional education has been left behind. At Primer, we are in the business of creating an education system for kids today. Our educational model at Primer is evidence-based, and the evidence is clear: having the same teacher year after year builds strong teacher and student relationships, a crucial benefit in ensuring an excellent education for each child. The power of relationships is at the heart of teaching. Looping honors just that.

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